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Attention Westminster, CA Residents! Calling Another Tree Service Company for Your Tree Removal Project Before You Read This May Cost You a Small Fortune (Hint: Not All Tree Service Companies are Created Equal)!

tree removal westminster caTree removal may sound simple and straightforward, after all you just need to plainly displace it, but in actuality it is serious business.

In fact you would even need to notify Westminster authorities in some cases and when working with certain species of trees.

In case you didn’t know in Westminster, CA, you are not permitted to take down any variant of the Quercus (oak), Schinus (pepper), and Platanus (sycamore) trees without acquiring an authorization from Westminster’s Planning Services Division first.

You may visit the city’s official website for more information but basically, any oak tree kind measuring twenty five (25) inches or larger in circumference or any pepper and (sycamore) tree variety that measures (50) inches or larger requires you to fill in and submit the Specimen Tree Removal Permit to the city’s Planning Services Division.

You may download the Specimen Tree Removal Permit from the link below:

Don’t have the time and inclination to do it yourself? Good news! We can find out if you are required to have a tree removal permit in Westminster, California. Furthermore if your schedule does not give you the time to process the documents, we might be able to apply for tree removal permit on your behalf.

A piece of advice – don’t do it yourself, there’s a pretty good chance you might get hurt, leave it to the tree service professionals. During the years we have witnessed many cases of DIYers who got into serious problems after not following safety precautions such as using spikes when climbing the tree, wearing appropriate work garments, or even trying to take down a giant tree on their own.

We cannot stress enough, it is a recipe for disaster. It is not at all difficult to get injured or permanently harm a tree, yourself, or other people if any errors are committed so don’t even consider doing it “just this time”. Call a qualified tree service company in Westminster to help you with tree removal!

How to Find a Good Tree Removal Service Company in Westminster, CA

tree trimming and removal services westminster caA tree service company is a tree service company is a tree service company, right? Not so fast. Because it’s so easy and cheap to start a tree removal business in Westminster a lot of people give it a try.

They charge less than their well established competitors but the lower price comes at a cost, so to speak.

Most often than not these new tree service providers don’t carry the proper business insurance which is not a big deal unless they happen to injure themselves while on your property or cause damage to it.

Than it’s a big deal to you, because you are the one stuck with the bill. So think twice who you are about to hire to do your tree removal, an uninsured tree service provider is not worth it at all.

At the same time just because a tree service company is insured doesn’t automatically mean that they can do the tree removal job right. Looks like catch 22, doesn’t it.

Actually no. It’s not that hard to find a good company that does tree pruning, removal and tree trimming services in Westminster Ca and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.

Critical questions to ask every single tree service company in Westminster CA you interview:

1. Can you show me proof of business insurance?
2. How long have you been in business?
3. Can you provide me with a list of references?
4. Are you member of any local or national trade associations?
5. Will you provide me with a detailed estimate in writing?

Too busy to call multiple providers? No problem. Call Westminster Tree Service Pros – we are local, bonded and insured and have more than 80 years of combined experience so we can definitely help you.

Why choose the top tree company in the area for your tree removal job in Westminster

stump removal westminster caTree removal is not just getting rid of a tree. For one, it is ascertaining you do not destroy the soil and other plants around it, and many other aspects to consider. Therefore tree cutting is a lot like professional dentistry and it takes skilled cutters years to acquire all the methods of tree cutting.

Westminster Tree Service Pros is one of the most dependable tree service companies in Westminster California. We are a homegrown brand that has over ninety years of collective practice. We work hard to exceed client’s expectations and do a flawless job all the time.

We do not accept “one size fits” all as true. When you call us for an initial dialogue, we will give you the autonomy to describe your unique tree removal need and we will offer a rough valuation based on the specifics you will provide.
After that, we will come over to your area to personally inspect and chalk out a more precise cost approximation.

If all is good we will plan the flow of work with you so you can get your lot ready. We will issue a written quotation for your peace of mind and guaranteed, there are no hidden charges. We will also commit on a time frame to complete the task.

Here’s what you could expect if you decide to employ our services for your tree removal project in Westminster:

tree trimming service westminster californiaBelow is a basic sequence of procedures for tree removal:
1. Access and marking out where all utilities are near the tree to be removed.
2. Cleaning and spraying of areas next to extraction area to prevent any further decay
3. Removal of branches from each tree and stripping them of other smaller ones as well
4. Sawing down the tree stump from top to bottom.
5. Removal of the tree stump and other underground stump branch out areas.

We would be ready to perform further procedures for unique circumstances. After the job, we will clean up the area for you. We will hand over a ship-shape lot that is ready for your future playground, zen garden or whatever it is that you have been envisioning it to become.

Tree Removal Cost in Westminster CA

The cost of tree removal is certainly subject to the scope and complexity of the task although we can always make a calculated estimate during the initial phone call. We will also do an onsite inspection for a more accurate estimation.
Stump Removal and Grinding Cost in Westminster, CA. Stump removal service is offered separately but some of our clients opt in to doing it yourself, since renting the proper equipment is rather cheap.

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